Behavioral Neuroscience Seminar Series

Time & Place: Thursdays, 4pm in BOUS 160 (Map)
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Spring 2019

Jan 31 Student Talk: Ruth McLeod Effects of Caffeine and Sex on Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemia Outcomes
Feb 7 Clarissa Parker, Middlebury College Harnessing mouse genetics to identify genes associated with alcohol use disorders
Feb 14 Student Talk: Jen-Hau Yang Pharmacological and genetic studies of effort-related decision making in rats and mice
Mar 7 Peter Balsam, Columbia To go or not to go – Is that the question?
Apr 4 Harvey Swadlow, UConn The impact of a sensory thalamic neuron on a cortical column: Effects of brain state and ….
Apr 11 Student Talk: Naixin Ren Model-based detection of synaptic connections and synaptic gain control in neuronal circuits
Apr 15 Gary Miller, Columbia Of mice and monoamines: regulation of vesicular storage and behavior
Apr 18 Student Talk: Kasey Smith
Student Talk: Samantha Marquez
Effects of temporal cues on auditory discrimination in rats
Categorical Perception of Sound: Human Psychophysics Study of Onset Slope and Duration Cues
Apr 25 Student Talk: Chuyi Su Brief Introduction To Directional Selective Visual Neurons
May 30 Thomas Gould, Penn State Impact of Age and Genetics on the Effects of Nicotine on Learning and Hippocampal Function

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PSYC 5200 & Student Presentations

The seminars are open to any interested faculty, staff, and students. However, BNS graduate students are required to take 4 semesters of seminar (PSYC 5200) for credit. The major goal of the course is to give students a chance to practice presenting and get feedback on their research. Senior graduate students and advanced/honors undergraduates working in BNS/PNB labs may also register.