A central challenge in neuroscience is understanding how information is represented and processed in the brain. In the UConn Statistical Neuroscience Lab we address this challenge by developing computational tools to describe and decipher neural activity. Our work focuses on 1) modeling neural dynamics, interactions, and adaptation and 2) linking neural data with perception, behavior, and learning.

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We're currently looking for undergraduate and graduate students interested in data science, computational neuroscience, and/or statistical analysis of neural data. Contact Professor Stevenson for more information.


PSYC 5104 Foundations of Research in the Psychological Sciences I
PSYC 5107 Statistical Analysis of Neural Data
PSYC 2100WQ Principles of Research in Psychology

Ian Stevenson
Associate Professor
University of Connecticut
Department of Psychological Sciences

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406 Babbidge Road, Unit 1020
Storrs, CT 06269-1020

Office: BOUS 112 // Lab: BOUS 383 // Map